My purpose is to allow you to see yourself from a Spiritual perspective and assist you in living your Human journey with Love, Acceptance,Ease, Grace, Gratitude and Understanding.  

Find out how to take control of your life.


There are many available ways for you to open up and take control of your Life. It is a belief of mine that in order to gain control of your life, You must first release all methods of control currently in your life to take the first of many steps to enjoy this process. We have many tools and classes to assist this process. 

stop talking


How many times have we spoke about the changes we need to make in order to live the magnificent life we are told we can live. How many times have we failed? 


I have developed an easy formula for taking the courage to make these changes easy and effortless. 


With this formula you will realise that in order to change, you need to be encouraged to educate yourself with the basic methods of survival~ You have to stop talking about the old recorded ways we have been taught and start living by the new helpful information. Once this process begins we can indeed delete all the negative programmes handed down to us in our ancestral DNA making way for a vibrant healthy more purposeful life. 


Thankfully, today we know it to be a scientific fact that our Human DNA only uses 1 of the 12 strands to obtain our physical health. The remaining 11 strands when activated releases a permission code to access all the relevant and purposeful information to encode our physical DNA to optimum health. When we are healthy we are happier, more content Human beings. 

It allows us to find purpose in our lives, and sometimes it will cause some dis~ease for a while while our new programmes upgrade themselves. For the most this is a beautiful experience as they take back control of their life purpose. 



Your Greatest Self.


For most of us, do we really know the SELF. WHO AM I? Using ancient wisdom will help you to rediscover your purpose and identity and your real story. Many humans believe what they were taught by their Ancestral families, guardians,schools,churchs and governments, and that the information was the truth. This method of living has brought chaos to our beautiful planet with so many discontented people believing they cannot make a difference. 

As Spiritual beings, it is now the time to move forward remembering who we truly are? 


Reclaim your life.
By understanding and learning unique codes and simple keys to unlocking your divine purpose Life becomes "YOURS" again. These simple techniques have enabled thousands of people to move out of their outdated thinking and enabling progress in a more energy efficient way.
During this process you will be supported and guided along the way.
You are in control of your life at all times and You will adjust at your own pace. Each individual knows their own limits and what works for one person may need to adjusted for another. 




You have been a true blessing in my life and angel sent by god to hold my hand on this journey and get me through the mountain I was facing...

Esther  London


Jackie A Carter



Jackie has changed my life. When I first booked my appointment, I was at my wits end. I was really dying inside and so lost in my life. I had a drug problem and just wanted it to  stop. Jackie counselled me and helped  me with Bio-Energy healing, Emotional cord releasing and a DNA activation and I also took part in the " Keys to understanding thyself" programme.  I no longer have a drug problem and am living my life to the full and I am enjoying every moment of it. I find myself now able to help others who are in need of help, and this is so rewarding as I am now able to give back to my community. I could not recommend Jackie highly enough she really has helped me turn my life around.

G L  Laois





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