About me

I would like to take the time to introduce myself. ​

I am a mother of 3 grown up daughters.  I myself, am also a daughter and a sister, an aunt, a niece, a cousin and a friend to anyone that knows me.  I have been working as a Holistic health and Wellbeing Practitioner for over 22 years. 


I was guided down this path after a number of experiences in my life whereby I was left broken, depressed, and ill.  My journey of experiences had led me to a wonderful place where I am truly honoured to be able to assist others on their journey of Awakening and to one of Peace.

With my experiences through life,  from growing from a child to an adult, moving away from home, having children, getting married, moving houses, building houses, starting a business, I have gathered much wisdom and insights, and can see how our journey with its current stress and programming can hinder this transformational life.  


As part of my journey, I have personally experienced, a lot of issues many of us face in our day  to day life, sexual abuse, death of loved ones and friends, betrayal of a spouse, being controlled by my parents, overweight, unworthy and extreme lonlieness.  I have carried with me many demons of all descriptions~ guilt, shame, fear, anger, resentment, mistrust etc.  However it is with courage and belief in a power greater than I, that I am now able to live more peacefully and totally content with who I have become. I have had many therapies and treatments of many different types in a quest to ease my struggle. I am so grateful to be able to work in a profession I truly love with all my heart.  It is such a privilege to be able to walk hand in hand with your demons, and realise they can become your friend if we listen to them and gently learn from them and pass this knowledge on to others like me who were afraid of opening up. 


It is through working through my own issues that I can sit with my clients with empathy, compassion and truth and without judgement to reassure them that they too will move past their block.

Another mission of mine is to assist people with not only the forgiveness of themselves but of others in a supportive environment. 


I studied and acquired many qualifications through the years in


  • Numerology,

  • Anatomy and Physiology,

  • Massage, Diet and Nutrition,

  • Reflexology,

  • BIO ENERGY Healing,

  • Australian Bush flower Essences,

  • Bio resonance testing & homeopathic remedies

  • Laser Acupunture ,

  • Hopi Ear candling

  • Aromatherapy.  

  • DNA activations

  • Crystal Healings

  • Emotional cord releasing~Spell removals,

  • Energy balancing

  • Counselling

  • PTSD recovery

  • Dialectic behaviour therapy

  • CBT therapy

  • EMDR 

  • Teachers qualifications~ in many of the above.
    I worked in and owned my own Health Food store, called FOOD FOR THOUGHT for a number of years. I studied with many Teachers and schools, and have now settled into trusting my own HIGHER SELF enough to have trained and qualified to TEACH and support those who are guided to me with the integrated knowledge, love and wisdom that I know serves todays issues. 


I work with issues of all kinds, from physical,  emotional, spiritual, soul and mental levels. However I would say that the common trait with each clients is abuse of all levels, be it physical, sexual, verbal, self abuse, addictions and self worth. These issues can cause many addictive traits which may lead to alcohol, over eating, drug related forms, be they pharmaceutaical or recreational, obsessive compulsive disorder and extreme anxiety. 


Through the many years of Healing myself, It is clear there are no accidents or coincidences and indeed all things happen for a reason, either we have chosen to create the experience for our evolvement or the situation was created for the evolvement of others. 


From an early age, I somehow developed a skill to read people energetically and all through my life, I thought everyone could see and hear what I did. From an early age I communicated with Angels and elemental beings and was receiving guidance for many years before I realised that not everyone has this ability. 


I am now writing some books and taking the time to travel and teach what I have learned to assist people on their quest for comfort and peace. 



Words of wisdom from Lessons learned personally. 


1. Get out of our own way. 

When you ask for guidance and help it will always show up, maybe not in the way we want it, but in the way that supports our growth. Patience can be a huge learning in this instance.

However we are never alone in our quest to become AWAKE. 


2.  Never keep SECRETS. 

When we keep secrets hidden, we have to spend too much energy to keep them hidden.   We create many destuctive patterns to hide our secrets, only to create more pain down the line.  How can you live authentically from this place of fear of someone finding out and judging you?  Rip off the plaster and get it out of your heart.  The rewards are so amazing. By doing so you reclaim your Spirit and soul. 


3. Learn to love yourself with all your flaws. 

There are a lot of unhappy people in the world, most looking for a soulmate.. 

Yet they can't even look themselves in the mirror and say I LOVE YOU.

If you can't trust your own abilty to love yourself, how can you trust someone who tells you they love you.  Another loaded question I ask people is ~ If you were to have a conversation with yourself, would you like you?  If not ask yourself what yuou would change and take small steps to acheive the person you would love to spend time with. In other words build a relationship with yourself. 



I hope by reading this you get to walk hand in hand with the true authentic being you call yourself as I have with myself. It is worth every step. 



Love and gratitude for your time





Jackie A Carter