Dare to Dream 


This weekend workshop promises to shift your old story from beginning to end.


Have you ever dreamed of doing something in your life, or with your life, taken steps to make it happen and whatever the goal you have set your heart on never seems to materialise? 


What will happen on this weekend?


You will learn techniques on how to raise our awareness and energy to move away from fears and patterns that may be holding you in a state of lack, not feeling good enough, low self esteem and so on. With a simple but very effective method of using your energy, transforming blocks of fear you can cultivate and harness your own unique power to create anything you desire in your life.  


Your requirement will be to decide on what it is you truly want from this power. 


You will learn how these simple proven techniques can move you into a state of bliss, creating instant miracles, knowing you are in control and are able to see the breakthrough of how we sabotage our own destiny in a heartbeat. you will be able to use these techniques on your family and friends and help them be more energetic without the trapped emotions and patterns that may hold them back or continue to keep them in pain or in negativity. 


Join me (to be advised ) 

Workshops starts 9.30 -18.00 Saturday and Sunday 


Investment Tuition €

Contact me directly to reserve your seat. 


Dress Code:  casual and comfortable. 


Manual provided and Certificate given upon completion of weekend.