Healing Essences & Remedies 


Healing essences were used to treat many conditions since the beginning of time. Science has taught us that vibration and frequency have play an important role is either assisting us to better health, or conditioning our bodies creating a negative impact on our health and well being. I have witnessed how these essences can have an astounding influence on the human body with their high subtle frequency in aiding to change and alter the negatives in our lives. as a therapist when working with conditions such as depression and people who have suicidal tendencies I have found that these wonderful remedies really help support healing where physical support may not register.  The gentleness and comfort these remedies provide is invaluable as they can be used with ages from infancy to the elderly without any contra-indications that some may believe can happen with some herbal remedies or pharmaceutical substances. 

I AM Essences
Bach Flower Essences 
Australian Bush Flower Essences
Homeopathic & Vibrational remedies