How our body responds to

Language & Tone 

In my experience I have realised through my own healing and transformation, the language we tell ourselves is as important as the food we eat to stay healthy. 

Along with this is how we feel about the words and tones we tell ourselves and others. 

Many times we are running on dialect from our parents, friends, peers etc. 

At what point do we get to listen to what is really being said?  What messages are we sending out to be fulfilled?

Do you even consider the impact on how our conversations have on us and our lives. 


Ask yourself what is your current language~

~Is it positive or negative. 

~Focus or indecisive

~Loving or full of resentment

~Angry or sad

~Inspiring or blocking you

~Respectful or degrading to you and others.



What are your relationships like?

Do you monitor the tone of your voice?


~Is it soft or loud?

~Is it convincing or damaging?


Can you feel how the words are

 feeling in your body?

~Are they energising or depleting?

~Do they make you anxious or calm?

~Do you feel love or experience fear when you speak?



Every time we use any language be it verbal, touch, internal or silence it has direct impact on everything around us. 


We have many choices to make and many reprocussions to accept once we start communicating with any of the above techniques of communicating. 


Most people whom I see, and I too was one of these who have a hard time believing that the way they speak about others and themselves can affect their health, attitude and the love they feel for themselves and others. 


How many times have we been in someones company and couldn't wait to find an excuse to leave, or having your energy completely turned upside down with outrage when someone says something offensive or outrageuos. 


You could be so calm and happy one minute and then out of nowhere a word or phrase or the tone from someone could upset up and change everything. This in turn can have an impact on others. 


I would suggest that by being MINDFUL of your own language and tone, you are sending the permission for others to do the same. 


A good way to become more aware of your conversations with yourself is to ask your self what is not working in your life at present. Examine what kind of conversations contribute to the success of your present situation. 


Then by changing your words, phrases and belief, life can simply turn around in an instant. People start to respond differently, and they listen with Compassion and support.  It is also good to note here that the people around you may not change, but at least you will be calmer amd more at peace. 

Positive Affirmations

Heres some quick examples to use to build self belief~

I am a child of God

Every day I decide to be Happy.

I am always healthy.

Life is an exciting adventure.

Everything I desire in life always shows up in the most amazing way.

I have wonderful and loving relationships. 

I always get rewarded in meaningful ways. 

The universe supports me in everything I do. 

I am apprecriated for everything I do. 

I love my life and all who supports me. 

I am extremely lucky to have wonderful opportunities flow easily to me. 

I am full of energy all the time. 

My job is so fulfilling. 

I appreciate all the help that is constantly provided for me so I can live the most wonderful life I have. 

I live in a supportive community. 

I see the joy in everything I do. 

I love to share the benefits of my beliefs by my leadership.  

I always have a constant supply of Abundance. 



These are a few simple examples. I know we can get a bit uncomfortable when we are a long way from the reality of this statements however, day by day this will shift your vibration. 

Notice how I didn't mention any lack or negativity. and how I say it as I already have received and am living this way. 


If you would to book a session on how to change your life with a unique insightful of using language and tone please email me ​and provide me with your date of birth and a brief description of what you would like to improve in your life and what your current belief is with regards to your issue.  Please request the method of response, if you would like a skype call or a by telephone or by reply by email.