These are a truly gentle assistant to any situation where healing is needed. 

These amazing gentle and subtle essences allow the body to gently release any or all old negative patterns whereby our bodies are feeling a negative response. 

Using a simple process an essence or a combination of essences are mixed for an individual to help assist and restore balance and harmony to a person and enabling a greater sense of ease and enjoyment. 


These remedies are truly a gift from our planet and gently assists many issues being resolved, from simple headaches to deeper issues like the me meories of abuse. 

Fear is a common issues many people have and it can be paralyzing to someone who can't identify where it originated from. These remedies gently assist in the removal of these fears without a HEALING CRISIS. They can be taken with medications as they will not interfere on a physical level. 



These remedies were created with the love and support of IAN WHITE~ Australian Bush Flower Essences.