BIO ENERGY HEALING is a treatment whereby the client is taken through a hands off process of healing ENERGY and cleansing of our Chakras or Energy  centres. This treatment will help rebalance and assist a natural flow of energy and therefore release any stagnant or stuck energy that may have built up through stress, trauma or illness.


The process involves 5 treatments and can be taken over 4 consecutive days or 4 weeks depending on the condition. There is a follow up treatment 3-4 weeks later. 


Each treatment builds on the previous one and allows a natural flow to your energy field.   Each session last about 45 mins. We can identify the blocks and correct the imbalances by gently removing and circulating this energy, therefore restoring natural balance and health. 


This treatment is both suitable and extremely useful for everyone of all ages. 


It is also a powerful catalyst to treat many ailments such as:

Back pain, IBS, Migraine headaches, Fibromyalgia, Low energy, Depression, Arthritis, Sinus problems, Allergies, Endometriosis, Infertility, Menstrual problems and many more.


Many people feel disconnected and detached from life and Bio energy healing can also assist us in feeling more connected, more content and helps us restore a sense of purpose in our everyday lives and relationships.  

This treatment helps us become more aware and responsible for maintaining our sense of  wellbeing. 



To book a treatment call 00353 87 1612517.

Distant healing sessions can also be arranged.