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Through out my life time I have always been fascinated with numbers. Over the last 20 years, I studied Numerology and how it affects us in every aspect of our lives, not just our personality, I have developed this further as I can now access information which may be unlocked through various methods to assist more balance, let go of the pressure we go through thinking we have to be a certain way. once you have a clear understanding of yourself, your loved ones, 

Career Coaching

Health assistance

Conflict Resolution

Intense overview on all areas

You can get a Numerology reading for yourself or a family member. A reading can offer amazing insight into not just how our personality has moulded our lives, but how we can improve certain areas of our Soul Plan to better our evolvement in this life time.


Learn how to improve the working relationships of other whom we interact with and gain a better understanding of how we can add to the relationships appreciating what each person can offer. 

This reading usually last about 45 mins. 






To book an Numerology reading for yourself or a loved one. Include your date of birth in the paypal comment box.. 






Alternatively you can take part in a NUMEROLOGY workshop and learn these skills for yourself and become adept in reading your own personality for yourself and family members. 


Investment €150 overview 1 day worshop on all numbers. 

Investment €125 per month participating in an intense 1 day workshop covering each number individually gradually building your portfolio of knowledge and understanding and training how to do numerology readings for friends and family members.  

(please note a discount of €25 per month if committed to attending all 12 workshops) 


Certification given subject to completion of all 12 months of training. 



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