Calmed and centred me.


This weekend totally transformed my life. It brought clarity and I was really able to stop the voice in my head to say I wasnt good enough. Using the informnation that we were given, everything changed in a profound way. 


A S Kildare Ireland.


For many years, I knew deep inside that I had a reason in my life to do more than help myself. After sitting this weekend with JAckie, I had a real sense of exact KNOWINGNESS of what I had come here to learn and experience. For the first time I knew it was more than me. I was guided to push myself to help our planet but didn't realise how I could do so. For the first time in my life I feel totally connected in everything I do. I know I'm not alone anymore. The world makes sense. The information is mindblowing. 



R B Wexford


This has changed my life.
As a mother  a of 3 children, this has totally changed my family. Having this knowledge really helped me accept myself,my husband and my children. I have been able to accept them all knowing the qualities they have and how we all integrate with each other. I can see how each person in our unit brings something different to our family that we can learn from. Having this unique way of reading numbers from someones date of birth is a true Gift from God. I no longer have the need to make everyone fit in a certain way as I am now aware of our uniqueness and how and why we are all different. I can spot when someone gets upset, holding anger and needs space. Its almost like you have a key to everyones soul. Thank you Jackie for your kindness and understanding with this information.


I felt lighter and free

After this was done to me i immediately felt light, and was swaying almost as if there were strong ropes cut away. I could no longer visualise people or situations where I had been hurt from. I am mindful now of people or situations can sometimes paralyze me where before I put it down to depression or lack of energy. I am more fitter now than I was before. 


The pain in my shoulder disappeared almost instantly. Jackie was able to describe to me who was attached and explained what I needed to do in order to avoid this in the fiuture. I am much happier as I dont think about these people anymore. 


L T Tullamore. 

Distant Healing

Healing Candle

I was going through a period in my life where i felt stuck. No energy, my relationship was hurting and I was in real pain. I consulted Jackie and because I could not make the journey for a treatment, Jackie suggested a healing intention candle. At first I was skeptical as I had never had any distant healing done before. However as Jackie explained the process and emailed me the instructions of what I had to do, I felt more at ease. JAckie lit the candle and I wrote my intentions and particpatd with some prayers that were included. 


The candle took 5 days to burn and I could feel my life changing in the process. everyday I was getting more and more positive and by the end there was no pain,emotionally or physically. Thank you. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to give distant healing a go. 


U K Drogheda




Life changing.


I'm a person who likes to be in control of everything and everyone if I'm honest. This is my way of coping and keeping sane.  After having an activation I began to relax and I felt a real sense of knowing about what was making me happy. I feel connected again and gradually let go of my need to be in charge. I have more energy, feel lighter in the sense that so much has shifted, and Im looking forward to my life everyday. everything is easier. Relationships are more fulfilling and loving. I have greater clarity. 










Thank you for your Guidance and support. Just having someone understand me (Indigo) was life saving. I have never been able to see myself in the  lovely way you described me and I'm liking myself better everyday.  Thanks for confirming its ok to be different from everyone else. 


Sophie. limerick

I did not realise how we can put spells on each other until you removed my spells. I feel in control again and I seem to have luckier experiences now. its as if nothing is holding me back like before. 


J R. Newry.

Thank you for helping my son with his fears of going to school.  No one understood what was going on. I am so glad to have a better chance to help him. Thank you for treating him like his own person and making him feel important as he doesnt trust people. You have a natural ability to help poeple to open and trust you. He is no longer as shy and really makes an effort to be heard now instead of being so sensitive and just going to his room. . 


L B's mother.. Kilkenny


I would recommend Bio energy Healing as it totally gave me my life back. 



G H mountmellick





Having been recommended to go for surgery on my  shoulder, I had a cord cutting and Bio Energy and my problem corrected itself. 


J D Galway.


After a reading of numerology and Austrailian Bush essences, I am completely in awe of how numbers and flowers can really have a true healing purpose. I'm new to this and I am blown away. Thank you. 




Published August 23, 2018