Connect to your divine light 


This is a two day workshop which will help answer many questions we ask about our existance. Have you ever tried spiritual practices and techniques and not reached the level where you needed to go? 


Using ancient traditions and techniques this weekend will answer all the questions and give you a greater knowledge to the myths of Spirituality. Discover your purpose for being on this experience.


You will learn techniques to invite greater beings into your life.

Connect deeper with Your God and the Angels and Archangels. 

Learn how forgiveness can set you free.

Have you wondered who you really are?


Imagine LOVE is the strongest force on the planet, and all we have to our power throughout our life on Earth. 

Wouldn't it be amazing to live in harmony with all beings here on Earth and to create a loving reality we have only dreamed of?


On this weekend you will learn to go from living anti clockwise in the flow to Clockwise. 

Learn to ask assistance from the loving beings to fulfill you and give you the strength to over come struggles, confusion, or hard hitting negative beliefs. These belief systems can be difficult to change as they may be embedded on a very deep cellular level, and no matter how hard we try they can continue to cause problems with living a peaceful life. Come and see how you can transform your current situations with steadfast clarity and ease by learning to trust the help we have available to us. 

Find a path from your darkness into light. 

We are separated from our divine nature by the seemingly impassible barrier of the rational mind and ego. Yet we share an implicit awareness that a higher state exists within us partaking of the nature of the Sacred. We are capable of a deeper communion with a source of power far greater than any we can access by physical strength. 

The search for connection and union may well be said to be the root motivation behind human existence. While the basis of this drive is both mysterious and elusive, its' power is great. The purpose of Initiation therefore is to bridge the gap between us and our divine origin and its birthright.

To bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth.