Training ~Workshops

Who am I?
What is my purpose?
Can I make a difference to others?
How can I help my life improve?
Will I become happier?
How long does it take to change?

Self Love




Everyday I am asked "how can we improve our lives?". People asking the questions have mostly read the self help books, listened to cds and podcasts, signed up for meditation classes, yoga etc they take these steps in order to acheive some sense of calm and peace. The list can go on and on. Many of these techniques and methods will deliver a certain level of change depending on the level of openess of that of the receiver.


I too have attended lots of these classes and workshops over the years and although some changes were iminent, I never really developed a sense of freedom over my own healing and transition. I was expecting these tools to do the work. After years of healing and working on myself, I realised, CHANGE comes from within, with the presence of SELF LOVE~COURAGE~FORGIVENESS~FREEDOM. 

It can also happen in seconds, from the moment you realise that you have to take responsibility and give up blaming the outside world, your life begins to change. 

I have called my hearing service, "CHANGE IS POSSIBLE" because it truly is. 

Over the years I have integrated everything I have learned, discarded what didn't work and asked for Guidance for what needed to be included in these programmes. Learning that each and every individual is unique, we are all connected by the universal force that by our agreement as a unit has us living together at this time. ​

These seminars and workshops will benefit anyone who participates and wants to move forward in their lives. If you are looking to have an increase in your physical energy, to be able to create boundaries, if you want to examine why we are born, or born with some of the hard lessons that we experience as humans, if you would like to become supportive with others and feel you have a gift of healing or nurturing, or you just want to meet with like minded people, or just a sense of curiosity of life or the universe in general,  these day/weekend workshops will help you. Each and every time we awaken something new, let go of something old, we raise our vibration to attract only good into our life.