Healing Intention Candle

If you would like a distant healing or a candle to help focus and anchor your intentions~ Why not try a Healing Intention Candle~Great for busy people or for a loved one who may not be able to attend for a treatment of healing. 


This method of healing was gifted to me by the Angels about a year ago.  I was praying for a way to reach people who found it difficult to make a decision to come for a treatment. On a beautiful Saturday morning, I woke with clear instructions on how these candles were to be lovingly prepared and made. I was given Guidance on a local man who would make them for me with the Highest possible authentic energy for the greater good of everyone these were intended for. 

Specific prayers and directions were also made available to me, in order to Activate the process. As you can see a beautiful colourful loving treatment is the end product.  

They have been used in many healing situations with the most profound results.  I am amazed at how helpful these candles have been in many situations where a client doesn't even know where to begin to heal. 

They can used for Family healings, Illness, confusion on life path directions etc. I have witnessed healings where it may take 4-5 sessions in an energy healing to have the same effect. 


The candles are made in such a way that not only are Chakras balanced, but also any blocks that we may have hidden from our conscious mind, may also be triggered to help us move forward with Clarity and Ease. 

Candles can be purchased and posted or I can Burn the candles in my centre in a loving and supportive space, whilst the intentions and instructions are emailed to the client for them to work on their issues and blocks personally. 

Please note: Candles may burn up to 150 hours continuosly.( Usually 5/6 days) Candles may also be burned intermittently for a more gentle healing.