This activation has been described as shining a light in the dark. It assists in the process of activating 11 of the 12 strands that lie dormant within our bodies. 


It brings greater clarity, more energy and more peace. 

It allows more light to enter our physical body and therefore we can reflect that light with our positive thoughts which will influence our lives. 

It can assist in allowing us to reach our true potential with our divine purpose or calling. 


It helps us to SEE more and to HEAR more of what we may be avoiding to face. 


An Activation brings with it a personal responsibilty to be more focused and positive. 

It releases DRAMA, and helps to make more empowing choices in the future. 


It helps in breaking old habits. 

It increases the immune system. 

It allows more abilty to use your brain function. 

Allows intuition to increase. 


By having an ACTIVATION, you are also giving yourself permisiion to release old nformation from your ancestral tree. i.e. disease, poverty, 


it helps assist you with Abundance on many levels. Health, Career, Relationships..