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Are you appreciating your downtime?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

This is an unusual time for most people in the world right now. There are those who this pandemic has not affected, people still working, meeting their deadlines, paying their bills, etc. Then there are the rest of us who without mixing with people our existence has altered for the bigger part. Are these changes affecting you and what are you doing to facilitate the change? How are you coping? ie physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Well here's what I have observed in the past few weeks.

The Covid 19 may be the carrier of change for the world, because quite simply no one wanted to make these changes personally. I learned from my work over the last 15 years with both meditation and messages from my higher power, the guides, angels that when I ask for help these were the signs that were relayed to me. Drastic action was needed to happen to help humans self-correct fast and swiftly in a way that did not cause the planet to self destruct.

The level of toxicity that globally was affecting the ozone layer, climate change etc was out of control. Most humans do not care, did not care in the past or felt it was not their job to care in the future about what was happening above and around us. Today after a few short weeks we can now look at the Earth displaying her beauty now when all the smog is gone. You notice the difference in how nature is displaying its beauty in how the flowers are so vibrant, the birds happily singing, the animals are gently feeling safe and confident again to reappear in front of our very eyes, the bees busily buzzing while they get on with pollenating process to save our crops and food chain all happening in the quietness of our surroundings. Have you noticed the clear blue skies when the clouds clear with no smoky lines from aircraft taking over. and if you haven't taken heed, ask yourself why not?

Now I know life and the busyness will return at some stage as the world cannot stay this quiet and clean forever but somewhere along the way, many of us have woken up to the fact that we chose to create this process by wanting and needing far more than we actually enjoy.

How many of you are actually enjoying your time off the road, running off to this class and that club, keeping kids entertained, or for comparison or competition with other kids in schools, neighbourhoods etc. Was it worth it? In general most children's need the time with family. Parents use these classes, clubs etc to rid themselves of guilt because they may feel their children are missing out because they are working or that it will tire the child out. Children are exhausted from these activities. They have become hyper sensitive as a result and are not old enough to articulate that they just want mammy and daddy time alone at home with no stress. Even the grown up children want this. All we want is happy children, but in the past we looked in the wrong areas for that to be fulfilled. the basic need at this time is to help make everyone feel safe and secure without aggravating a real sense of fear as some of our leaders tried to instil early on.

We all have a voice and how we use it can really alter our future. Take as much of this time to settle and centre yourself and visualise and create a more healthier approach to how we begin to live a different way in the road ahead. stop giving out to yourself, or others and stop whinging and moaning about how bad things are.

Look at how you conduct ourself, ask the people around you for honest feedback about your current living conditions are as opposed to 2 months ago. Use this as a measure as to how you can perform and enjoy your precious time going forward.

Each day I will hold myself accountable for writing something here to share a bit of knowledge and help us all question our identity and existence. Remember we were once the little children of this world, so treat the little ones with love and kindness, as they will one day be our nurses, carers, doctors, teachers, and world leaders.

Affirmations to repeat as often as you can to install safety and security.

I am safe and protected in all ways and everything is working for my higher good

Everyday in every way I am getting better and better at being at peace with myself

My life is constantly improving in the most unexpected ways

My relationship with myself and others is more loving and connected creating gentleness and kindness in this world

Each day I will be posting, if for any reason you would like guidance on a particular subject feel free to email me and I will do my best to facilitate your request.

Love to #covid19 ? Good news!

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