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Locked in or locked down?

At this unprecedented time in our life, the world it seems is on locked down, meaning human movement is restricted to avoid the spread of this virus. Many have reacted to this locked down in various ways. And for the majority, we have respected our leaders advice to protect our vulnerable and people with weakened immunity. What is clear though is the reaction of some to this basic request to honour and protect this group of individuals. In some parts of the world it is believed this Covid 19 is a Hoax, Fake news, and I am not just pointing the finger to our USA citizens either. Conspiracy theorists (I'm guilty of this at times myself) will make the argument that our leaders are pushing on our elderly and vulnerable by not testing until it is too late, the restriction of PPE gear, a shortness of medical staff available to nursing homes and I'm sure there are more reasons. Basically, they could say those who are dying from Covid 19 may be a drain on our economic system and a quick way to tidy that up. Cold and Harsh. Absolutely it is. Truth is we don't know, and never will as the argument is that those people were ready to move on from this world, they all had underlying conditions. Covid 19 may have been their bus out of here. For now, all we can do is pray and support their families and loved ones for the manner of their swift release, limited time to process grief, minimised numbers to pay their respects, just awful.

Whether the virus is man made, or from an infected animal all I know is, the Planet used this to fight back and make us more alert of our behaviour. I was thinking today and the song Wrecking ball came into my head.

As Miley Cyrus once sang, 'I came in like a wrecking ball' (I,being Covid 19)

Covid 19 came in like a wrecking ball

Covid 19 never hit so hard in love

All Covid 19 wanted was to break your walls

All you ever did was wreak me

Yeah, you wreck me.

The reality is by following the rules lots of positives have shown up in our lives.

Some have welcomed the measures and recognise for once the bravery and courage of our front line staff of our hospitals. These individuals put their skills, their lives and their family at risk for all of us. We have to respect these rules in order to minimise the impact this virus puts on our medical and associated staff in this group. Doctors, nurses, ambulance, medics, porters, cleaners, admin staff, laboratory testing facility staff , etc.

Each person, household and business have had to make changes to how they go about their day to day business to be able to eventually free us back to a normal or somewhat steady approach out of this pandemic.

The pressure has been lifted from A & E departments, hospitals wards, people on trolleys, back log in appointments , etc. and you have to ask yourself, how is that? Have people put their health on hold or because of the locked down, the stress has lifted a lot of ailments and conditions from jobs, relationships, running around keeping up a life that was not working.

So here's what is happening, there are a few among us who see it as a lock in instead of a lock down and some who will not adhere to the rules. These die hards will not make changes either way. They may fear that this communist approach will indeed lead to less freedom in the future, and you know what, that may be the case, who knows? No one likes to be told what to do, where to go, where not to go , etc. It is a natural reaction, we can all be guilty of this. I don't judge people for having a 'fuck you' moment, as it is really hard for some. The rebel archetype lives inside all of us. However, there are those who follow the rules rigidly and should be proud of the impact that is having to safeguard all of us.

You have the group who are locked in and they are causing more destruction to their immune systems by allowing the fear to overrun in their minds and let it take their quality of life away from them with this state of thinking.

Then you have another group of people who in this area who are distanced from people in general will make the most of it and they see this as an amazing opportunity to educate themselves on connecting to others from a distance. With the use of technology, be it a phone, laptop, computer or tv, we actually have never felt closer to people. In fact some would say with the technology, we are now able to stalk the movements of our loved ones which can be a dangerous territory for some who don't have strong boundaries in place and this has to be respected also.

You will find another group who will come to accept, that some relationships were one sided and no matter how much time they have at home together nothing changes, in fact it weakens the status quo. The reality shows up that no matter how much more free time people have, one side of the relationship realises that the other party in their relationship never made an effort to start with.They may have used the excuse that they had no time t make an effort. Busted!! A lot of relationships, be they marriages, lovers, friends or acquaintances, most are only one sided in that usually one party ends up keeping the relationship alive. This really shows up in this scenario where people should have more time to work on to fix the pot holes in these situations. So this can be a nightmare scenario where they may have to spend more time with each other.

In this situation I would love to see people develop the courage to start conversations about their feelings and how their needs might not be met as we are great as humans to let these things run their course, say nothing and then wonder how did things get so bad, or the great one is ' I never saw that coming' . Remember each person is entitled to have their say and not feel under pressure when they admit that a relationship is not working for them. We have to respect where we are in our journey and not be afraid of being locked in with frustration, hurt, resentment and rejection which can cause our mental and physical body to take the hit.

Communication is the Key. I will discuss this at a later stage, but for now remember when someone says' We need to talk' this can and does frighten the sh*t out of most people as they think and are afraid to be accused in the wrong or just hate being vulnerable with their feelings. if you find yourself in this category, do not be afraid to reach out for a bit of help in this area, it can save years of pain, for the sake of confronting your own demons in the form of feelings. very often these can be old wounds not yet healed from previous friendships or relationships.

So for this Covid 19 lock down, saddle up and face your fears, who knows you may learn a lot about yourself and the people around you. Let yourself feel the freedom in this Lock down and don't have yourself feeling locked in as in a cage.


I welcome the opportunity to know more about myself

I allow myself to be vulnerable at this time of my life

Asking for help is a gift I freely give to myself

Thank you for the people in my life who mirror back to me the world I am creating with my thoughts

It is easy to change and open my heart more by accepting things the way they are

It is safe to be in this world

If you or someone you know is having a hard time, pass on this information, there is lots of help available at this time.

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