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The open parachute

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

I recently had a conversation with a person about money and in particularly coping through these times with maybe no support. This person did not yet understand the art of what you give out returns ten fold. Unknown to them, this person was unaware about what real abundance/wealth meant in terms of energy and how we can create it with our thinking and through the power and use of their words and actions. Even though, I may have explained many times over the years on how we use and conserve our energy through our thoughts, words or actions in a way that will in fact measure our success, especially in 'how we can reap what we sow'.

So to put it in simple terms after many approaches to understand my point, I asked them how kind they were? They responded with 'of course I am kind, I'm always doing shit for others and not get a thanks for it', with maybe a string of a few more negative words, be they entertaining or laughable. For example, For f*cks sake I am always kind even though it doesn't make a difference and sure good things don't just happen to the likes of me, and 'There is a lot of people out there who love to see you suffer and what I never had I don't miss'.

Ok I said, 'how kind are you to yourself?' 'well that's a silly thing to ask' came the reply, I don't buy myself presents is that what you mean. 'What do you mean? '. I remarked how many times they in fact put themselves down for being in the situation they found themselves in now. And how they would give out about others success in the world and how they remark on what a dark place we live in now. Bear in mind, most of us may do or have done this without realising the consequences it has on our lives.

As I explained alot of what they said and believed was mostly information that was handed down the family tree from our ancestors about abundance. Abundance is not only wealth, money or savings. Abundance comes in the form of kindness, food, money, good health, loving relationships, compliments, co operative communities, loyalty of those around us, fulfilling jobs etc.

Having wealth, money and savings can make you a very poor person if it makes you fear you losing it, or becoming miserly and not sharing it.

I also pointed out how they were setting their children up to believe the same approach to have the same level of success. Children are programmed not to disappoint so they will master most of what parents do, even though it may have a devastating effect on their lives, it is the famous 'Monkey see, Monkey do scenario.

So here's what I suggested, our minds are like parachutes, and an open parachute falling from a plane will in fact give you a life line when used correctly, as opposed to having a parachute on your back and not pulling the chord to open it only to cause a severe accident or possible death.

So I asked 'If I were to take you on a journey in a small plane, ask you to trust me, train you how to use the parachute, push you out of the plane, and allow you how to pull the cord attached to your parachute would you do it, would you be willing to have a different experience and the best thrill on how you are living your life? They said maybe, 'how would that work?'

I went onto explain how closed off our minds are because we may not have experienced a different approach before, and then our minds will automatically shut down ideas, offers, invites simply because we are afraid, Fear will take over. It's our most valuable inbuilt asset to stop us from making a fool of ourselves. It prevents us from being humiliated, however the sad reality is, it robs us of massive opportunities to explore things in life that we never dreamed possible for us.

The individual agreed that they had in fact a lot of regret over missed opportunities that they didn't take, and how they would often slag off others who did take the same chance and even when it paid off, it was easier to begrudge them than admit and feel their own disappointment.

Well here is what I explained, even at the age they were, change can happen at any moment, we are never too old, so I asked them to humour me and just keep that parachute open in their mind for a week with an experiment I had for them.

ok "Back to kindness again,

I said if being kind to yourself and others for a week gave you a magic jar of €1,000 wage and you were penalised for every negative word that came out of your mouth, every critical thought you had about yourself or a person, or situation in the world, how much would you have left in the jar at the end of the week?'

Now this actually happened to this person and I phoned 8 days later, and this person could not believe how much abundance flowed in to their families life from the moment they agreed to the challenge. When all was added up, you could value it around the €1,000.

For me, the first thing I noticed about the conversation was the change in their voice, the tone had changed, the words used were different from being negative and what some may call depressed, to excitement, hopeful and relieved.

So for anyone who needs a boost, try this for yourself. Remember, Gifts come in many forms, not just euro notes, they can be vouchers, a helping hand, a bunch of flowers, an answer to a long seated problem, invite to dinner, job promotion etc. You put your price on your jar and go from there. All you have to ask yourself to be prepared for the challenge, 'Is my parachute open to be able to free fall and let go of the control of this opportunity.' Can you believe this is Possible?

Remember "Change is always possible"

To protect this persons identity some details have changed slightly but the results far exceeded what they EXPECTED.

This is how the law of attraction starts to work, be open, stop blaming, get excited about what you want and then let it happen. There are many more components to achieving your success so don't be afraid to ask for assistance.


It is safe for me to open my mind to new ideas and accept help to experiencing new opportunities

Abundance aways flows to me in unexpected ways

It is easy for me to see the world with kind eyes and a loving heart

The success I see in people around me shows me I am capable of reaching the same and better

Reflecting on my mistakes of achieving success in the past teaches me valuable skills creating success in the future

It is refreshing to let go of old patterns and fear about living an abundant and rich life

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