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This too shall pass but it will pass a lot faster with humour

I am sure a lot of people are a bit fed up at this stage at our restrictions. For me, at the start I loved the quietness, the figuring out of how to stay connected with family, friends, and clients.

It can all get a bit too much for some, and not enough for others.

So my short message today is this. Find the fun in what you are learning about your frustrations, your lack of patience with yourself and others and have a good hearty laugh at yourself.

Find ways to lighten your heart, with a joke, a story or something stupid you found yourself doing. We all can and if you admit that you are capable of a bit of short term memory loss, mixed up memories or cross eyed memories from the sheer shock of being landed in this situation.

Don't be afraid to be vulnerable, show others the lighter side of your personality. If you have Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Google duo, Zoom FaceTime or Skype, connect with people that you can have a laugh with. This is also very important if you have little people in your house, Imagine what must be going through their minds right now. Share stupid silly memes, videos, puzzles, and whatever. Connect through humour. Don't judge the content and if you find something not funny, perfectly ok too, or ask yourself why you take the topic in hand so serious. Before you add someone to a group don't judge by thinking they won't get the humour, you will be very surprised at their reactions. Humour raises your vibration, which in turn raises and protects your immune system. If you have people who have smart phones and maybe do not know how to get the best value from them help them to connect using with simple language while directing them of the steps without making any one feel silly or stupid. Remember, its not a completion on who is better on technology .

I have been surprised at what has turned up in my feed from some groups that previously I wouldn't have dared to share. Fear of offending someone maybe or prejudging that they wouldn't get it maybe. You should see some of what they are sharing with me. hilarious, seeing a lighter side to them and me well, I just love it. You see some might like to bake, garden, and read newspapers, but they also like to have a feckin laugh. In these times I have some of the best belly laughs ever than I have ever had in my life. These are strange times, but they can also be very very funny. Create a group and let people share funny jokes, or video clips, no comments or judgements allowed and see the lighter side to our circle of friends, family, communities.

We know there is a lot of fear, grief and shock going on in the country and world. We also know that humour and song/music have also been used in previous times in history to support and help lift the weight of someones burden.

Go On Knock Yourself Out.

Pick a group of 5 or 10 people and start a pandemic of laughter. We may not be able to move physically very far until 20th July, so lets move your eyes by blinking possibly with tears of laughter, or tears of shock at what we are capable of, move those legs in case you might think you are going to pee from laughing so hard, feel the jiggle of our current expanded bellies that we are all guilty of from over eating, and open your heart with joy that you feel from not taking yourself so serious. better still, imagine you were going to get paid for doing it.


Laughter enables my health to improve

Being silly and Vulnerable is great for my soul

It is safe for people to see the funny side of my personality with humour

Laughing increases the destruction of negativity in the world

I am creating a solution to healing my world with laughter

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