Stepping up to Serve

This workshop is a follow up to level 1 and to participate in this training level 1 must be taken.  Each workshop is built on the previous one. Energetically it is about strengthing your ability to hold and command Energy. 


Stepping up to serve is also a step to increase your energy and awareness of different energies and beings. 


In this weekend you will learn to stabilise the energy flow of another human being. 

You will learn the myths and practicalities of how energies can affect us.


You will learn how to break the cycle of attachment.

You will clean up any or all of the lasting Drama that we can still create and blame the outside world for creating. 


You will have access to information of a magickal nature which will more than support your need to serve Humanity in a very loving and knowing manner. You'll be able to determine your purpose instantly. 


All of humanity are here to serve each other, however not everyone will STEP UP and take this calling. 


Maybe you have all areas of your life mastered, and just need to keep balance. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to help balance all areas of your life and master your own Energy, and therefore able to assist another's energy without attachment. 


This will clarify indeed how much you are in control of your mind, and how we simply can create the drama through fear, insecurity, and lack of confidence.  



This opportunity to face your demons comes about rarely in the environment where love, guidance and support are combined to see you take this role. 


Life will never be the same again. It will be the most rewarding time of your experience, knowing you have taken the path like so many before you, following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, Mother Therese,  Dalai Lama and many more. 





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